5 Ways to Love Your Body

Many of us find it easy to recognize beauty but we find it hard to recognize the beauty within ourselves.  We must learn to be a positive influence to the outside world, but also to our internal world.  Let’s break down some of the ways we can do that.

1. Stop picking yourself apart

You must understand that there is no such thing as a perfect body.  The basic thing that you need to do for your body is to be healthy.  But no matter how much muscle, or curves you have, you will always have a part of the body that you are not happy with.  You must differentiate between the parts on your body that you can never change, and the parts of your body that you can improve.  There is nothing wrong with constantly improving your body, but there is something wrong with being consumed with things that you cannot change.  You need to focus on the positive things that your body is blessed with, and continue to improve the parts that you can improve.

2. Consider the exceptional functions of your body

We must count our blessings to have a normal functioning body.  Being able to walk, talk, use our muscles is a blessing.  Those blessings are not a guarantee, so we shouldn’t take them for granted.  We may not have the most ripped abs, or most curvaceous hips, but if you have your normal functioning body and mind, that’s a blessing because not everyone has that.  We should put everything in proper perspective.  All the things that we do need to improve upon, we should be thankful that we have the ability to make improvements because that in and of itself is a blessing.  

3. Be real

You can be inspired by celebrities or social media but you should not compare yourself to these people, or anyone for that matter.  You should always compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.  If you compare yourself to people that you don’t know, you will be comparing yourself to the impossible.  If you pull back the curtains, the bodies of celebrities are many times surgically made, or the picture is taken with the best lighting, or the pictures have been doctored by a computer.  People lie on social media, so the best thing for you to do is to get your motivation from anywhere you can find it, but do not internalize the need to be like anyone else.

4. Change your inner conversation

The fight for self love is a internal fight.  You must always speak positivity in your life and be around people that speak positivity in your life.  You should also be around people that gives you constructive criticism, not around people that just criticize you.  Constructive criticism, is a person telling you how to make a situation better, criticism, that is not constructive, is a person that’s just talking bad about you but not helping you.   Constructive criticism is necessary at times, but people that overly criticizes you are not good.  It will create a negative inner dialogue about yourself.  Be around people that speaks positivity into your life so you can more easily have a positive inner dialogue.  Also give yourself room to be human and make mistakes.  When you make mistakes learn from them, and encourage yourself so that you can confidently move forward.

5. Take care of your body

One of the most telling signs of self love is how you treat your body.  If you truly have internal self love it will show in how you treat your body.  You will take the time and energy to exercise and become stronger, and you will eat healthy to make sure your body is high functioning. You will research and learn about your body and not try everything that you see on the internet or a friend tells you.  You will be conscious and protective of your body and know that you only have one forever.


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