6 Non-Diet Reasons You Have Belly Fat

As we all should know, diet is the number one reason why people have a difficult removing fat from the body.  We all know that you can do 1000 crunches a day, but eat unhealthy, and never see a 6 pack.  But there are also other important reason you cannot get that troublesome fat off your body, even though you are eating a healthy strict diet.

You’re Not Sleeping Enough

When you do not get enough sleep it negatively effects the hormones in your body, which causes you to gain weight.  One hormone in particular leptin is responsible for the encouragement of the use of energy in your body and it suppresses your appetite.  When you are sleep deprived, you will lessen the amount of leptin in your body, so you will have less energy, and you will want to eat more, which will cause you to gain weight.
If this sounds like your scenario, aim for seven hours of sleep or more when your schedule allows and see if it has an impact on your waistline.

You’re Under Constant Stress

Stress is another big factor that result in you not being able to loss weight.  Stress releases a hormone called cortisol which  causes you to eat more because it is a flight or fight hormone and your body thinks it’s going to need the energy to fight or flight.  Also cortisol breaks down the muscle which causes a slowing of your metabolism and causes your body to retain fat.

You’re Getting Older

As you get older your metabolism slows down, due to muscle loss, which causes you to retain fat.  After the age of 25 your body loses a ½ a pound of muscle every year.  Muscle is a major factor in your metabolism so less muscle means slower metabolism, so it is important to do strength training to prevent the loss of muscle in your body.

Your Digestion is Weak

When you don’t give your body the proper nutrition your body will have a weak digestion and cause your body to be bloated.  Without the proper nutrition your metabolism will be slow and you will not be able to burn fat efficiently.  In order to improve your digestive system you must eat high fiber foods, like fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat grains.  Also stop eating high fatty foods, and processed carbs.  Being active also benefits your digestion a great deal, it causes your body to have to constantly break down calories, which increases your metabolism. 

Your Workouts Don’t Challenge You

If your are doing the same workouts for months or years and you don’t see any change in your body it’s because your body has adjusted to the workout. Your body does not need to add any more muscle or burn any more fat to do the workout.  So for you to burn more belly fat you need to challenge your body more by working out harder. You can add challenges to your workouts by going from walking to running in short spurts, or doing a extra set of exercise, or doing heavier weights when lifting, etc.

You’re Not Doing Strength Training Exercises

Strength training is important in building muscles. When you increase your muscle, you also increase your metabolism. When your metabolism is increased you burn more calories and burning more calories means burning more fat.  Also strength training slows fat from coming back to your body. When you don’t have muscles, fat comes back to your body even faster if you were to stop exercising.  Strength training is also great for your bones and joints but you must make sure you are doing the exercises properly. 


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