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5 Ways to Love Your Body

Many of us find it easy to recognize beauty but we find it hard to recognize the beauty within ourselves.  We must learn to be a positive influence to the outside world, but also to our internal world.  Let’s break down some of the ways we can do that. 1. Stop picking yourself apart You must understand that there is no such thing as a perfect body.  The basic thing that you need to do for your body is to be healthy.  But no matter how much muscle, or curves you have, you will always have a part of the...


Learn to Love Going to the Gym

Social enrichment. The gym is great because you can make new friends that have self improvement as a goal. Year-round exercise. Rain, snow, wind, will not stop you from exercising.  Exercising outside is great when it’s a pretty day, but your exercise routine should not be regulated by the weather.  Expert advice. Personal trainers are at the gym to answer questions, put together fitness routines, and to correct your form.  It’s always good to have a friendly face available to help. Classes. There are a variety of fitness classes that allow you to stay active without wondering what exercises to do. Nutrition education. There are...